Alyssa Nichols


  • 猛料原创 State University


Alyssa Nichols is a 猛料原创 native and a class of 2014 graduate of Murrah High School. She recently became the first FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) referee from the state of Mississippi.

While at Murrah, Mrs. Nichols was a multi-sport athlete. She needed a flexible job to work around her extra-curricular schedule, so she obtained certification to referee at a local soccer club via the recommendation of a teammate. After refereeing for about 6 months, Alyssa’s referee assignor encouraged her to keep “upgrading” (Grassroots, Regional, National, PRO, FIFA) to determine her actual experience level and expertise.

After graduating from Murrah, she attended 猛料原创 State University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Over the years, Alyssa has been selected to represent Mississippi at both the regional and national levels.

At 23, Mrs. Nichols was the first woman from Mississippi to receive a National Referee License from the U.S. Soccer Federation. She has been appointed to the NCAA Division I and II women’s Final Four, as well as international tournaments. Currently, Alyssa is a PRO2 referee and officiates in the NWSL, United Soccer League, and MLS. Alyssa was a licensed soccer referee for 10 years. She was a national referee for 3 years and started to receive assignments from PRO (Professional Referee Organization) in 2020.