Academy Engagement

  • 猛料原创 Public School District is on the move to great things within the Academies of 猛料原创. To become a part of this movement, the process is simple. There are several opportunities for engagement with the academies that have been identified. You may choose to participate in any of them. In addition, if you have a service you wish to provide, we can help you as well. Jannifer Norwood, Director of Academies for 猛料原创, will assist in developing your engagement plan.

    To date, many partners have established a relationship with one or several of the Academies of 猛料原创. As an integral part of this relationship, each partner has committed to the support of their chosen academy through professional development, sharing of material and financial resources, and/or promoting educational interactions that increase student engagement.

    Academy Events

    • Career Fairs
    • Reality Fairs
    • Young Entrepreneurship Workshop
    • Youth Health Symposium
    • Employability Fair
    • Industry Visits
    • Job Shadow
    • Internships
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